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Our Clients

Sandison Lang are specialist medical accountants helping clients from a wide range of medical backgrounds including medical practices, hospital doctors, GPs and dentists.

  • Sir Terence English

    Sir Terence English KBE was responsible for establishing the internationally renowned heart transplant programme at Papworth Hospital near Cambridge, where he performed Britain’s first successful heart transplant in 1979.

    In retirement, his new career in charities includes being Chairman of the Friends of the Great Hall of Bart’s Hospital, as well as sitting on its voluntary board of governors, President of Well being of Women and sitting on several other charity boards.

    You were knighted in 1991… “It was a wonderful honour. I had actually met Her Majesty The Queen once before at a private lunch at Buckingham Palace in 1986 as one of a dozen people from various professions. I sat next to her and was mindful of the advice not to open conversation. However, after a particular long silence I told her how I had first seen her when she visited South Africa in 1947 with the Royal Family and I was a schoolboy participating in a gym display in their honour. After that the conversation flowed easily while she talked enthusiastically about her time in South Africa!”

  • Sir Marcus Setchell

    Sir Marcus Setchell, 70, is the former surgeongynaecologist to the Royal Household and last year was made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Orders (KCVO) – an honour given as the personal gift of Her Majesty the Queen. Sir Marcus delivered Prince George in July 2013 and retired from his post in January 2014.

    Why medicine? “I probably first became interested in medicine as a career when I had a prolonged stay in hospital at the age of 13. I was fascinated not so much by medicine itself as the routines of ward rounds and hospital, the personnel and the other patients. Then at senior school I had particularly inspiring teachers of biology and found it the most interesting of the sciences and so medicine seemed the obvious practical application.


    As a child my first experience in pregnancy and birth was my father’s pig farm where the mother often gave birth to 12 or 13 piglets! If the mother couldn’t cope with them all, we would take a few home to be bottle fed.”