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Relieve yourself of payroll headaches

For most businesses, payroll processing can be a challenging task – one which can go awry all too easily. There is an exhaustive list of detail to consider but our dedicated team can offer a hassle-free payroll service giving you complete peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on your own skill areas.

We can relieve you of the pressure of calculating PAYE, overtime pay, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay and all the other variables that arise. You may also want a helping hand to navigate through auto-enrolment and employee pension issues.

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Client Testimonials

"Professional, reliable, honest tax advice for the medical professional."
Mr Conal Austin
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
"The best financial move my family have ever made. Sandison Lang and all its staff have provided support, advice and help with private, family and business affairs throughout my entire working life and boy, has it been worth it!"
Mr Martin Hayward
Consultant Surgeon
"Excellent team. Really accessible and knowledgeable. Have proven themselves many times over to us!"
Dr Tracey Fitchat

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