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Identifying the services you need to achieve your goals

Your team at Sandison Lang should be your first point of call when you have wider personal finance queries to discuss. You may be considering a mortgage, making a will or planning how to protect your estate. They can help to identify the services that will enable you to achieve your goals.

If further assistance is required, your accountant will be able to provide you with the details of a medical specialist financial adviser that work closely with Sandison Lang. Given the overlap between many of the key finance areas that advisers and accountants cover and a constantly changing financial landscape, it can be particularly beneficial to have a united source of advice.

For example, your accountant will have an accurate record of your total income from different resources which is usually quite complex when you may have NHS and private practices or academic work. This information can be extremely useful to your financial adviser planning how to make your assets work together to generate future income.

This joined up thinking also proves advantageous to families looking to make the most of each member’s relevant income and tax allowances. The finances can then working constructively together so that the security of future generations can be secured.

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Client Testimonials

"Professional, reliable, honest tax advice for the medical professional."
Mr Conal Austin
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
"The best financial move my family have ever made. Sandison Lang and all its staff have provided support, advice and help with private, family and business affairs throughout my entire working life and boy, has it been worth it!"
Mr Martin Hayward
Consultant Surgeon
"Excellent team. Really accessible and knowledgeable. Have proven themselves many times over to us!"
Dr Tracey Fitchat

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