Accounts Preparation

Ensure your accounts are prepared correctly and adhere to regulations.

Expert Medical Accountants

Take the stress out of preparing your accounts

Managing your final year accounts is an important part of the business, but a time-consuming and daunting undertaking.

Our professional team will ensure your accounts are not only prepared correctly and to time, but also adhere to regulations governing medical practices and practitioners.

Our specialist accountants have first-rate, up-to-date knowledge of the complex finances of medical professionals, who often have a mix of employment and self- employment which can impact National Insurance contributions.

There is also constant change within the NHS funding system. In addition, the NHS pension scheme can be complicated and there are industry-specific expenses which can be set against tax.

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Client Testimonials

"Professional, reliable, honest tax advice for the medical professional."
Mr Conal Austin
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
"The best financial move my family have ever made. Sandison Lang and all its staff have provided support, advice and help with private, family and business affairs throughout my entire working life and boy, has it been worth it!"
Mr Martin Hayward
Consultant Surgeon
"Excellent team. Really accessible and knowledgeable. Have proven themselves many times over to us!"
Dr Tracey Fitchat

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