CEAs worth almost half

Doctors receiving Clinical Excellence Awards could find that the rewards is now worth almost half of previous years’ schemes.

The National Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs) will reward more consultants but that the value of individual awards will be worth considerably less.

They have been renamed as the National Clinical Impact Awards and will also no longer be pensionable. The government said changes have been launched to make the awards more inclusive and accessible but critics argue that consultants will be receiving a much smaller benefit for going the extra mile.

In the past, the CEAs could impact Annual Allowance figures so being non-pensionable going forward could be seen as positive for some but there will be a substantial loss to pension benefits.

Previously the Awards in England were worth £36,192, £47,582, £59,477, or £77,320 a year for five years at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level. Now the Awards will have just three numbered levels and be worth £20,000, £30,000 and £40,000.